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Biologics purification made fast and simple
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Purexa™ disposable membrane chromatography columns increase purification speed and productivity during drug discovery and early stage process development efforts to help get biologics to market faster.

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Our Products


Purexa™️-A Membranes

Purexa™️-A is a Protein A based affinity membrane. It offers high binding capacities at super-fast purification speeds. Stop settling for Protein A resin products with six minute residence times. Purexa™️-A membrane columns can meet your purification goals with <6 second residence times.

Purexa™️-MQ Membranes

Purexa™️-MQ is a salt-tolerant ion-exchange membrane that provides high loading capacity for removal of process impurities with fast processing speeds over a broad range of buffer conditions. It offers high selectivity towards aggregates and high LRV of virus particles. It also offers high binding capacity for bind and elute purification of viruses.


Our patented technology is backed by decades of pioneering experience in developing high performance membrane adsorbers. Find out more about our expert team.



Purilogics has built a team of biopurification experts. We provide consultation on how to use our technology to address your challenges. We also have prototypes for evaluation. Get in touch with our team to learn how our technology can address your biopurification challenges.