Purilogics Presenting Purexa Membrane Chromatography Data at Bioprocessing Summit - August 12, 2019

We are excited to attend Bioprocessing Summit from August 13 to August 16, 2019 in Boston, MA. Drs. Graham Temples and Jinxiang Zhou will present latest data for our PurexaTM-MQ and PurexaTM-A chromatographic membrane technologies.

Poster 311- Case Study: New Affinity Membranes for the Rapid Isolation and Purification of Biologics

PurexaTM-A is a novel high binding capacity and high speed affinity membrane for antibody capture step purification. We present the data as a case study for our custom membrane development program.  Our expertise in membrane technology will help customers save time by developing and optimizing high productivity chromatography products to fit their unique needs.


Poster 312- Application of Novel Multimodal Anion-Exchange Membrane Chromatography Columns in a Two-Step mAb Purification Scheme - Aggregates and HCP Removal

PurexaTM-MQ is a multimodal anion-exchange membrane that shows very high capacity to remove aggregates, DNA, host cell proteins and viruses at broad buffer conditions from mAb streams.

Topics: Custom affinity membrane chromtoraphy, Multimodal anion-exchange membrane chromatography, Two-step purification, Fast purification

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